The chamber orchestra of “Vasilievsky ostrov”

Youth Chamber orchestra “Vasilievsky ostrov” – winner of the international competition, participant of numerous international festivals, known in our country and abroad as a team with superior professional level. 15-20 concerts a year, 4 CD over the last 5 years, the same number of performances in the Great hall of the Philharmonic (especially the commemorative concerts to mark the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the 60th anniversary of the Victory concert “Winter gardens”, directed by A. Sokurov).

The orchestra constantly performs in the best concert halls of Saint-Petersburg, participates in festivals, records for radio and television, tours abroad: Austria, Spain, UK, Finland — often annually — Germany. The orchestra has participated in music festivals in Spain, France.

The orchestra takes part in subscription concerts of the Small hall of the Philharmonic. 4 charity ball in the Throne room of the Catherine Palace, Pushkin (the money went to the children’s home) for the last 3 years. The orchestra is a creative laboratory, not only the famous composer of Russia Metallidi, but also contemporary composers from Germany, France, England.

The band is headed by well-known professional musician and conductor Sergey Ufaev.

Adult professionalism, perfect intonation, seamless ensemble, virtuoso technique and nuances of bar culture, all that distinguishes the performance of this team is undoubtedly the merit of this talented musician.

In 1997. Sergey Ufaev received the Title of “teacher of the year — 1997” Award of the Governor of St. Petersburg “For humanization of the St. Petersburg school”. And, in 2001. he was awarded the title “Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation”